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The Santa Maria del Sur Clinic, located in the district of San Juan de Miraflores, was inaugurated in March 1997 as the facility for the San Pablo Lima South Medical Center.  Then, in December 2012 the first stage of the new project was inaugurated, culminating with the second stage, which was inaugurated in August 2013.

This clinic boasts 17 years offering high quality medical services, providing the best care to the population of South Lima, made up of the districts of Villa Maria del Triunfo, Villa El Salvador, Lurin, Pachacamac, Chorrillos, as well as San Juan de Miraflores itself.

The office is located one block from the district's new Municipal Palace, on Av. Belisario Suárez, it currently has more than 100 medical specialists in more than 26 specialties, as well as professionals trained in the healthcare and administration areas.

Santa María del Sur Clinic


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